A Father’s last wish

After reflecting on Father’s Day I wanted to share a short story I came across from the Gideon’s.  It is a terrific reminder both of the power of God’s Word, and the power a father has in the life of his children.

There was a young Colombian Girl who received a new testament in her school. She read the New Testament until one day her father caught her reading it…and told her not to read it any more because it was full of lies and fantasy.  


But the girl kept on reading until one day her father came home unexpectedly and found her with the New Testament.  Without a word he grabbed it from her hands and put it in his pocket.  


The next day the father went off to work where he was a mining engineer. Several hours later sirens went off in the community announcing that there had been a cave in at the mine. The father—along with all the other men—was trapped. Rescue workers took 5 days to reach the men, but it was too late. All 31 men died including the father of this little girl.  


Curiously, workers found the man clutching the New Testament between his hands.  When they opened the front cover they read a note, “To my daughter – Keep reading this New Testament, it is true and right, and I will see you one day in heaven.”  Then they turned to the back page where the father had signed the commitment card after having said the sinner’s prayer.  George Rennau

I want you to notice something important in this story; the father chose to lead his child in matters of faith – even in his death.  His last thoughts were not of sorrow or fear; they were of how to hand down his fresh new faith to his child.  We have been called as men of God to reproduce Christ like vision, values and beliefs in our children.  The question then becomes, will you (and I) fulfill our God given responsibilities to lead our families in matters of faith?  

In the ancient world the whole household followed the religion of the father; and the father lead their whole household in worship toward God.  Are you and I willing to accept this challenge and lead our households?  My prayer is that on this Father’s Day, each of us would boldly declare as Joshua did, “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

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