Open Doors

A couple weeks ago I was sitting at Denny’s enjoying a Fit Slam over some great conversation with a mentor/friend of mine.  We get together sporadically, share stories and connect with the ways that God has been moving in each of our lives.  I always look forward to our breakfasts.

On this particular morning we were wrestling through the “mechanisms” we each use when making decisions.  As a retired Army Ranger, he knows a thing or two about evaluating choices and making tough decisions.  I explained that often I have taken the approach of asking God to close doors that He does not want me to walk through.  There have been a few problems with this strategy though:

  1. Rather than bringing peace and allowing me to walk in the freedom of my decisions—it added pressure and anxiety.
  2. Too often I was left paralyzed as I waited for God to “close” a perceived door.  Instead of moving forward in faith, I was left in a strange limbo of indecision.

My friend offered a fresh perspective.

As a father of four beautiful and amazing children, I am well aware of the work necessary to “baby proof” a home.  With each new addition to our family, my wife and I would move through our rooms evaluating potential dangers.  Doors that might lead to danger were appropriately locked and child proofed.  Doors that were safe to walk through were left opened.  Our children could move about in freedom and security.  Liberated in the knowledge that an open room was safe to enter.

My friend challenged me to view the decisions and choices in my life in a similar fashion.  Could I trust that my Father in Heaven was at least as good a father as myself?  If in my imperfection I could be counted on to protect my children from danger, then how much more could I trust in my perfect Heavenly Father to do the same.  No longer do I need to be paralyzed at the intersection of decisions and choices.  If a door is opened, move forward in confidence and security.  If it is shut, stop beating on it and change directions.  Simple, straight forward—freeing.

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!  Matthew 7:11

Walking in this freedom is difficult.  Our westernized mind-set tells us that there is one correct option.  One choice that leads to success and happiness, and all others lead to failure and regret.  This is rarely—if ever—true.  Jesus tells us that; “it was for freedom that Christ set you free.”  No longer do we need be bound up in anxiety and indecision.

Walk in the will of the Lord.  Then move forward with confidence and trust in your perfect Heavenly Father.

Joel Thomas

Questions for reflection:

What decision(s) are you wrestling with?

To the best of your ability, have you sought the Father’s will?

Be honest.  Are you beating on a closed door, or standing fearful at an opened one?

What would it look like to move forward in freedom and confidence?

Suggested Prayer:

Dear Father in Heaven, help me to walk confidently in your will.  Free me from the anxiety of my decisions and help me to trust in your goodness and faithfulness to my family and me.

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