Two things no one likes

Patience and Suffering.

Yuck.  Am I right?  None of us enjoy learning more about either one.  Though I know I need more patience and understand that much can be learned from suffering, I neglect the one and run from the other.  Sometimes though, neglect is not an option, and I can’t run fast enough.

James chapter 5 explains that there is a blessing for those that endure through patience and suffering.  That is almost impossible to comprehend when you are stuck between the grinding gears of pain and loneliness.  I remember friends reminding me of God’s goodness and provision during a season of unemployment and the loss of my father to cancer.  More often than not their words rang hollow.  I struggled to cling to any of God’s promises.  Let alone the idea that the patience He was teaching me through my suffering would be to my betterment and His glory.

Take a few minutes today and go to and follow the link to James Chapter 5.  Jared Cummings shares some powerful thoughts on this issue of pain and suffering.  His commentary reminds me of the words of one of my mentors.  “All of life is a cycle between two seasons.  Seasons of mission and Seasons of redemption.”  The seasons of redemption are those times when G0d is refining us, stripping us down and redeeming us.  They are painful and difficult but they are necessary.  The lessons learned during seasons of redemption equip us to launch most effectively into seasons of mission.  Try as we might, we cannot have one without the other.

Be blessed today.  May you live fully as a Man Who Believes.

Joel Thomas

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