A Good Lesson from Lame Football

Hello men!

This past weekend my wife and I went to the Broncos game.  Setting aside the fact that the Broncos played some of the worst football I’ve ever witnessed–there is, for my wife and I, something almost magical about putting on our orange and blue and wading into the stream of people making their way into Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  The sense of camaraderie and commonality is tangible.  We are among the righteous Bronco faithful, let others beware and cower in our presence.

Scattered throughout the crowd are a smattering of Detroit fans.  They walk among us in blue and white jerseys with names like “Stafford” and “Suh” on their backs.  I silently judge them.

“They’re not true fans.  They’re only jumping on the newly winning Detroit bandwagon.”

Old, young, men, women—my judgment and favoritism makes no distinction.  They are different, and that is reason enough to look down on them with disdain.

This issue of favoritism is specifically called out in James chapter 2.  My good friend Kevin Whitacre invites us through his reflection on this chapter to take a good hard look at the ways we judge others.  I challenge you to read through his thoughts and allow God to shed some light on the ways you show favoritism.

To read it, click  “James Chapter 2” on the title bar above.

Interestingly enough, by the end of yesterday’s game, those few Detroit fans that I so easily categorized were then looking down their collective noses at me.  Losing 45 to 10 at home is a great way to learn a lesson in judgmentalism and humility.

One comment

  1. Like the new mens site and good insights as well.

    On the football theme and all the “hits” Tebow has been taking on this whole Tebowing deal, I’m just glad to see strong men of character stand up (or should I say kneel down) for things they believe in. Our son Isaac has been Tebowing since a Freshman soccer player at Faith Christian and all through his College career. When he does this at the very end of each game, a few on the other team come over to ask, “Are you ok?” thinking that he’s hurt so it gives him a nice opportunity to share.

    4Him had a great line in one of their songs; “Couldn’t we stand to kneel a little longer?” One of the downsides to Foothills Sanctuary is that it’s hard to kneel in those seats and on that floor. Maybe we just all go on stage to stage a “kneel down” during prayer time. I think it is a wonderful irony that Tim’s last name is TeBOW. Maybe it would help if they announced it that way.

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